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P.O.Box: 181967,Diera,Dubai-UAE

Tel: +971 4 2288203

Fax: +971 4 2288204

 Email: sales@wireless-dataproduct.com

 Web: www.wireless-dataproduct.com


Wireless Dataproducts founded in 1996 is specialized distributor of wireless  products and technologies for broadband, wifi, and wimax systems.

Based in Dubai as the Middle East Gateway, Wireless Dataproducts serves growing demand of North Africa, GCC, and other Middle East Countries market.

We help our customers to find the best and latest technology for their wireless communication needs and in this regard we pride our self that we are well known in wireless communication field in the region and a pioneer and leading company that customers trust on our provided solution and after sales support and guarantee and this is the main reason to maintain long term customer relationships.